For parents

This text is for the partens out there that has no idea of what your child is asking you to purchase.

We understand that it is very hard for you, as a parent, to understand exactly what your child wants to buy on the internet. Therefore we are going to explain this further for you so you can make up your mind and understand exactly what you are about to purchase for your child.

What you are about to purchase is what we call a "Rank". A rank is something you probably have heard of before, and just as in the real world our players are classified as a rank on our server. The default rank that everybody has from the begining, just by joining the server, is called Default. This rank gives you a super good start on your experience on our server. You get everything you need to get better at minecraft pvp. If you want to take it a step further, we provide purchasable ranks defined as Iron, Gold and Diamond. All of these ranks can only be achieved by donating or by having the luck of winning on of our regularly events. These purchaseable ranks will contain everything that the Default rank already has, and some more things listed on the info button at every package. You DO NOT need a rank to be as a good as any other player, but the ranks will give you a some great help and also a more pleaseant experience since your permissions of using other kits than just the default ones will be updated. And by that we would like to thank you for reading this and we hope that you now are 100% sure about what you are about to purchase. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us via our e-mail. Thank you!